Frequently Asked Questions

Come about 10-15 minutes early to get checked in and meet your teacher. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water. You probably don’t want to eat a heavy meal within two hours before class.

No. We can register you in-person in the studio.  However, if you prefer to reserve a space in advance, you can pre-register via the website or the MindBody app.

You are welcome to bring your own mat. However, if you don’t have one, or you left yours at home, we have plenty of mats to borrow.

If you are concerned about getting up and down from the mat, start with Chair Yoga or Restorative. If this is your first time, but you have no problems moving up and down, begin with Basic Flow, Kundalini, or Gentle  Flow. If you’re more experienced in yoga and are familiar with the basic poses, join us for Hot Power Flow or one of our Intermediate classes. Please ask us about our classes and we can help you to find the perfect fit.

Yes. In fact, that’s why you practice. Most people start out not being flexible. Our experienced teachers can use props and adjust poses to fit every body. Be patient and kind with yourself.

Yes. We teach all ages at Sanskrit Moon. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.

We stay right around 85-95 degrees, depending on the temperature outside. On cold days, it is closer to 85 degrees. Our Hot Power Flow tends to be our warmest class of the week.