Janie is a first generation Cambodian-American, her parents came here as refugees in the 1980’s. She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2018. She worked in the healthcare field for 11 years and have a deep understanding for human anatomy. Having worked in the healthcare field, she saw first hand how lifestyle and mentality affects the health of individuals. Janie began her yoga practice while working in the healthcare field as a way to become more physically fit, and to her surprise it started to change my life not just physically but mentality started to change too. Yoga has been a great asset in her life to help deal with the daily challenges life brings and helps her to stay grounded and balanced. Janie has empathy and compassion for individuals and love to help people take care of their well-being as a whole. She has a deep understanding of the importance of mind and body wellness. Janie enjoys traveling and being out in nature. She has stayed at an Ashram in the Bahamas, visited Iceland, and took a solo trip to Bali. Janie loves to learn about and experience different cultures. It’s been a great ride and it’s not over yet – She is excited for all things to come.