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A 6 Step New Moon Ritual

Rituals are a beautiful way to usher in a new day, a new year, or a new moon cycle. A New Moon Ritual is intentional and requires presence. By embracing the moments of the ritual fully, you show gratitude for the new cycle of life that is about to begin. In 6 simple steps, you can invite the energy of a new moon to help manifest your heart felt intentions for the future.

With gratitude, cleanse the energy of your space by burning sacred herbs. The smoke has cleansing, ionic properties that will align the energy of the new moon cycle with that of your space and ritual. These herbs can be purchased online or at your local metaphysical store.
Connect to your own prana, or life force energy, to that of the new moon cycle by practicing this balancing pranayama technique. Sama Vritti is an accessible form of pranayama that can be easily practiced by all with no severe contraindications. It can be practiced for as little as 5 minutes or up to 33 minutes. It will balance your energy with the energy of your recently cleansed ritual space, aligning your body, mind, and spirit with the present moon transition.
After you release the pranayama practice, return to the natural flow of your breath and gaze into your heart space. Ask the sacred space at the center of your chest the question above and sit with eyes closed or softly open for moments or minutes until the intention reveals itself. It might reveal itself in words, images, or ideas. Avoid placing expectations on yourself as you wait for your intention to come and take as much time as you need.
Write or draw what comes from your heart. Explore the intention in whatever form feels right and document it with gratitude for the opportunity to listen with the hears and see with eyes of your heart during this time of transitions and possible transformation.
Bring your hands to your heart, either in prayer position or placing left on top of right, and give thanks for the ritual you just performed. This can be in the form of a prayer to God or a divine presence, a personal affirmation, or a simple "I am grateful for this New Moon ritual."
It is as important as the ritual itself to allow the practice to integrate. Treat these days post-ritual as a savasana of sorts for your intention to integrate and your path to begin manifesting in the gratitude and love. Continue to journal and explore your intention during this time of integration so that when you feel called to move forward, the intention feels complete and whole in your body, mind, and spirit.

Happy New Mooning, yogis and yoginis! If you have questions, please comment below or reach out to