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Establishing a Daily Practice: 3 Tips for Building your Yoga Routine

by Kim Hobbs

Establishing a Daily Practice: 3 Tips for Building your Yoga Routine
Yoga is a practice, which means that it is also a journey. On that journey, you build a more holistic relationship with your Self. You begin to see the connections between all aspects of your life, and one of those aspects is your daily routine. You see how all the parts of your day unite with who you really are on the inside. The person you know yourself to be. A daily yoga practice can be hard to start, but once you do, the benefits are endless. Below are 3 tips for establishing your daily practice that are approachable and realistic. Once you start on this journey, you won’t be able to stop!

  1. Start Small
    It can be overwhelming to think about starting a new routine, but guess what? You’re in control of how and where you start! Maybe you begin by sitting quietly for 5 minutes in the morning with your eyes closed, noticing your breath. These 5 minutes of stillness each day give you the opportunity to tune in and be present. Once you feel comfortable with those 5 minutes, it might be time to add some postures or lengthen your meditation.
  2. Support
    My teacher told me the first day of yoga teaching training that “if your life supports your meditation, meditation will support your life.” At first, I wasn’t sure what that meant, but over time it has become more clear. General wellness practices, such as eating well, spending time outside, daily physical activity, and limiting screen time, all contribute to the success of establishing a daily yoga practice that sticks.
  3. Keep Moving
    Whether you are starting a morning or night routine, it is important to do it when you feel fresh and motivated. This creates a positive connection between the routine and how you feel while you are doing it. If you’re establishing a morning routine, consider this sequence to start your day-- Wake up and shower or wash your face, make a cup of hot water with lemon, and begin your meditation and/or posture practice. After you have completed this sequence, then sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, make breakfast, read the paper, etc. At night, the same principle applies-- Come home from work, start dinner,
    shower or wash your face, begin your meditation and/or posture practice. When you’re done, enjoy a nice dinner, a cup of tea, and a book to end your day!

Be well on your journey and let it be authentic to you! You are ready, and we are here for support. Feel free to reach out to any of the Sanskrit Moon teachers for more tips to start your daily practice.