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How to Create a Home Yoga Space

For many, the ritual of attending in person yoga classes is an important part of the experience. The drive away from work or home symbolizes the beginning of ‘me time’ and the warm light of the studio invites you to let go of what’s going on outside. But, in the everchanging cycles of life, we are learning to create that vibe at home. With the majority of yoga classes being taught online now, it is likely that your practice has changed- and that’s OK. One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga is that it teaches us to embrace change and to trust that we already have everything that we need. It teaches us that we can find warmth and peace at home in our bodies wherever they are practicing. 

Below are 3 simple tips to create your home yoga space so that you can carry the practice with you despite being away from the yoga studio.

  1. Make it Sacred

Just like the ritual of driving to the studio to practice is a sacred routine, so can the ritual of preparing for yoga at home. Pick the place you are going to practice, and first, just breathe there. Then, tidy it up. Look around and remove things that cause you to feel stress or tension- even if it is just for the duration of the class. Do this act of cleansing with gratitude for the space that you are in and for it also opening itself to the practice of yoga. When you feel like the space is ready, collect your yoga gear and set it up just the way you like!

(One of the perks of practicing at home is that you don’t have to accommodate your fellow yogis and yoginis!) 

Consider cleaning your yoga mat and props before each class as a way to show gratitude for their service to you. 

  1. Set the Mood

Once you feel comfortable in the physical space you have chosen, begin creating the vibe, or energetic space, for your practice. Turn down harsh lighting, burn incense, light soft candles, or turn on an essential oils diffuser for some aroma therapy. You could also place essential oils near by to apply before you begin or before savasana to help with relaxation.

(REMINDER: Savasana is still important even when practicing at home. It is strongly recommended that you stay for the duration so that what you cultivate during the class can integrate.)

When the mood is set, begin making your way to your mat and logging into your online class platform. Give yourself the time and space of making it sacred and setting the mood before actually logging in- just like you would if you were in studio practicing. All the work is done and now it is just time to practice being. 

  1. Release Expectations

Practicing at home can be challenging because we have expectations there. Cooking, laundry, family, work- the list could go on forever. But, when you finally make it to the mat, the space is set both physically and energetically, and you are logging into class, take a breath. Say yes to letting all of those things go and give yourself permission to be present to the practice. Let the sounds wash over you, the smells pass through, and turn your gaze inward. Release the expectation to do anything other than exactly what feels right to you. Follow your heart’s lead and be drawn into the beauty of who you are on the inside. 

It may seem easier said than done, but even implementing one of these tips before your online class can help prepare you for the practice. Have grace with yourself as your practice changes and embrace the process of learning how to do yoga at home. Let the practice emanate from your body (and your screen) into your physical space, sharing the beautiful practice with everything around you. 

If you have questions about creating your at home yoga space, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at