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A 6 Step New Moon Ritual

Rituals are a beautiful way to usher in a new day, a new year, or a new moon cycle. A New Moon Ritual is intentional and requires presence. By embracing the moments of the ritual fully, you show gratitude for the new cycle of life that is about to begin.

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How to Set a New Year’s Sankulpa

2020 made a name for itself in both good ways and bad. It was a year of learning, adjusting, accepting, and fighting, but we made it to the end, and we are grateful. In honor of all the hard things accomplished and experienced this year, it is time to set

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Seasonal Yoga: 4 Tips for Winter Wellness

In essence, Yoga teaches us how to transition. Its cultivation of balance and equanimity within allows us to move and breath with ease through changes and shifts. It can be difficult for the body/mind to catch up to the seasonal and cyclical changes happening in nature, but through both yoga

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How to Create a Home Yoga Space

For many, the ritual of attending in person yoga classes is an important part of the experience. The drive away from work or home symbolizes the beginning of ‘me time’ and the warm light of the studio invites you to let go of what’s going on outside. But, in the

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