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Teacher Spotlight: An Interview with Janie

Janie is a kind gift to our community. Her background in healthcare services and desire to develop a wellness routine herself led her to becoming a yoga instructor, and it is apparent in her heartfelt desire to guide others on their wellness journey through the practice. 

Janie in her favorite asana to teach: Crow.

Janie moved to Atlanta from Jacksonville, Florida, where her family immigrated to as refugees from Cambodia in the 80s. She described the similarities between the climate in Florida and Cambodia, which she believes was the universe providing some comfort to her family in their transition to a new country. Her parents owned a laundromat, teaching her the importance of maintaining her own well-being. Janie described how witnessing her parents overcome moving to the United States, not knowing the language, and opening their own business was and still is an inspiration to her. 

Janie explained that being present, accepting, and understanding is a large part of her yoga practice off of the mat. By practicing yoga, she is able to use the power of her breath during situations that might trigger anxiety or stress. She believes that yoga helps us to see where others are coming from and develop a better understand of the lens by which we view each other and the world. 

To close our spotlight on Janie, below are a couple of direct responses to questions from our interview. If you would like to contact Janie or have any additional questions about her practice or classes at Sanskrit Moon, please reach out to us or visit her Instagram page @janiekol. We would love to introduce you!

Sanskrit Moon: “What is your favorite asana to teach?”

Janie: “Crow because I think it is a great beginner arm balance, and I think it is achievable. I like to see when people achieve it and they get that feeling of accomplishment!”

Sanskrit Moon: “What do you love about Sanskrit Moon?”

Janie: “I love Sanskrit Moon. I love the location, Chandra, the community, and the teachers. I loved when Sanskrit Moon opened because it is what it is and is not trying to be anything else other than a community yoga space.” 

Sanskrit Moon: “Do you have any hobbies?”

Janie: “Well during quarantine, I have gotten really into baking and plants. We were interested in adding water to our garden but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a fountain, so I bought some lotus seeds. It has been really cool to watch them grow!”